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This agreement is included in all home inspection contracts entered into by Home Select Inspections Inc. and our clients!

Realtor Hold harmless agreement:

CLIENT agrees to hold any and all real estate agents involved in the purchase of the property to be inspected harmless and keep them exonerated from all loss, damage, liability or expense occasioned or claimed by reasons of acts or neglects of the INSPECTOR or his employees or visitors or of independent contractors engaged or paid by INSPECTOR for the purpose of inspecting the subject home.

Clearing the Air

Time and time again I find myself explaining what to expect from a Home Inspector, correcting unrealistic expectations or just clarifying misunderstandings of those not familiar with what the service entails.

Although there are many more detailed portions to Home Select Inspections “Standards Of Practice”, the introductory excerpt here should serve to clear the air on several fronts.

Definitions and Scope:

I.   A Home inspection is a non-invasive visual examination of a residential dwelling, performed for a fee, which is designed to identify observed material defects within specific components of said dwelling. Components may include any combination of mechanical, structural, electrical, plumbing, or other essential systems or portions of the home, as identified and agreed to by the Client and Inspector, prior to the inspection process.

II.  A home inspection is intended to assist in evaluation of the overall condition of the dwelling. The inspection is based on observation of the visible and apparent condition of the structure and its components on the date of the inspection and not the prediction of future conditions.

III.  A home inspection will not reveal every concern that exists or ever could exist, but only those material defects observed on the day of the inspection.

IV.  A Material defect is a condition with a residential real property or any portion of it that would have a significant adverse impact on the value of the real property or that involves an unreasonable risk to people on the property. The fact that a structural element, system or subsystem is near, at or beyond the end of the normal useful life of such a structural element, system or subsystem is not by itself a material defect.

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