New Home Construction Inspection

The belief that any new product is free of defects runs contrary to common sense and experience. The return counter of any department store will provide ample evidence of this fact. When applied to new homes, the belief that new means defect-free can lead to costly mistakes. Many homebuyers feel that they do not need to employ a professional home inspector because municipal building inspectors regularly inspect new homes.

Let me personally tell you that a municipal inspection is definitely not enough. Home buyers need to understand that many building inspectors are seeing over 10 homes a day and are normally only inspecting to see that the builder meets the minimum code requirements. The municipal inspector is not looking at specific construction practices that tend to determine if a home is going to be a trouble-free investment or one that will require significant modification and repair in the future. As I previously mentioned, they are primarily code inspectors. In the past, I've picked up on many building or safety infractions that municipal building officials had totally missed.

Another interesting fact is, anyone who has worked in the construction field can tell stories of the shortcuts and human errors that routinely occur, even on the best built of homes. Workmen have bad days, materials can have defects, details can be overlooked, components can be omitted, and municipal building inspectors can have too little time to check every nook and cranny within the house.


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