Private Well Inspections

Do you know where your well water comes from? Want to find out?

Select Home Inspections Inc. can provide you with the service of inspecting your private well, reassuring the safety of your family. Click here to visit the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care official website which, provides you with the knowledge you need to get up to date with your well records, and quick links to help you get your well water tested. Below is an excerpt from the website.

Water Safety : Get Acquainted with Your Well

If you live in a rural area, chances are your family’s daily water supply comes from a well on your property. If you haven’t already, get acquainted with your well. It’s the first step in doing everything you can to protect the quality of your well water and the ground water we all share. In this Fact Sheet, we’ll explore types of wells, their maintenance and well water supplies, and how each can affect the quality of your well water.

What have you done for your well, lately? As a well owner, and someone who wants to ensure the water your family is drinking is safe, you need to:

  • properly maintain your well to prevent it from being damaged, cracked or contaminated
  • understand where your water comes from, and be aware of risks
  • have your water tested regularly
  • be well informed – let this Fact Sheet series be the first step

Your well and your well’s water are your responsibility

You have a legal responsibility for the condition of all wells on your property, under the authority of Ontario Water Well Regulation. A copy of the regulation is available on the Ontario Ministry of the Environment Web site.


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