IR Thermography Inspections

What is IR Thermography?


Infrared Thermal Imaging (ITI) was originally provided for military, scientific and space program applications, and is now available to the industrial and commercial sector. Founded on the exact same technologies as used by advanced military aircraft, weather satellites and even the space shuttle, ITI technology for home inspections provides me with a unique view of your property far superior to that of the naked eye. With ITI technology, I can see beyond the spectrum of "natural light" and measure the temperature variances of any surface to determine where heat, cold, moisture and even mold may be occurring in undesirable locations.

ITI technology allows me to see the variances in surface temperatures of practically any object. These variances are represented by different colour tones from black (coldest) to white (hottest). From these temperature variances I can report probable issues with things like; insulation, water infiltration, air infiltration, electrical problems, the presence of vermin, and more.


About Thermal Inspections

Home Select Inspections IR thermography inspections provide you a superior result over the majority of inspectors who lack my Infrared Thermal Imaging (ITI) Technology. In fact, fewer than five percent of home inspectors even use ITI technology that can actually help you save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars per year by identifying moisture, insulation and electrical issues before they pose a bigger risk to your family’s fiscal or physical well-being.

Why is an ITI inspection so important to your aquisition process?

The naked human eye is limited to seeing light only in the visible spectrum . With the assistance of infrared technology, we are able to see surface temperature variances, and it is the ability to see these variances that allows me to more accurately identify potential and immediate problems during the inspection that would have otherwise been missed.

The unique aspect of seeing surface temperature variances is that such variances can be caused by issues that may lie below the surface of a floor, behind a wall, or above a ceiling - places that are "out of sight" and therefore out-of-mind. Also, surface temperature variances can be caused by airflow such as cold air seeping under a door or warm air leaking from forced air ducts. The air itself changes the surface temperature of objects it comes in contact with.

Open door with skylight above, at dusk.Surface temperatures can also be changed by living organisms such as mold, mildew, wood destroying organismes and wild vermin. Because these organisms often thrive in places that cannot be seen by the naked eye (such as behind walls) or are hidden from normal view (attics and crawlspaces), the use of ITI technology allows me to pinpoint exactly where a problem area is in your building without the need for any immediate invasive investigation of the structure. Image: Open door with skylight above, at dusk.

In addition to the benefits in identifying air, water and organism infiltration, thermal imaging technology provides me the capability to detect and identify potential dangers in the building electrical systems. with the ability to pinpoint "hot spots" in wiring, I can work with your electrician and provide detailed IR imagery to identify defects and make repairs more quickly to save you money.

This truly amazing camera technology is destined to be the minimum standard in commercial and residential inspections before long. The standards of practice of different associations and the ASTM guidelines for Property Condition Assessments are comprehensive, but ITI scan inspections take it to the next level. Although this isn’t the equivalent to ‘seeing through walls’, (we’ll leave that to Superman), it is the next best thing, and certainly far superior than what is visible with the naked eye.

Home Select Inspections is continually incorporating new ideas and technologies to provide you with superior inspection services that mitigate the problems and surprises you may encounter, after you acquire the property, giving you peace-of-mind.


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