"Thanks Steve. We were certainly happy with your work and would recommend you to friends. I took a quick look through your report and it looks great - very easy to follow for an "unhandy" man like myself. We will certainly save a copy as you suggested."

Dave R., Client

"The people who referred us to Steven were VERY pleased with his service therefore making us feel very confident in choosing his services. We are both first-time home owners and our experience today with HomeSelectInspections (Steven) was fantasic and my husband and I would gladly recommend his services to any friends or family. Steven did a superior job in educating us about our inspection today. The ENTIRE inspection process was great! Very professional in his delivery of information through conversation and documentation. For people like ourselves who are "first timers" we sure learned alot today about our new home."

Danielle R. Client

"This was my first home buying experience, however, I feel that the service I recieved was in everyway exceptional and I have complete confidence that I will use your service in future home buying experiences."

Jon L., repeat Client

"Thank you for the follow-up. I also appreciated the time you took to explain different mechanical processes within the house to both myself and the new homeowner. You were very informative with regards to my clients as first time homeowners. I know they appreciated your level of expertise and honesty. I look forward to working with your company in the future."

Kim C., Real Estate Agent

"Thank you again for coming on short notice! You did a great job and I really appreciated that you were showing Judy how to do some of her own maintenance."

Glennda O., Real Estate Agent.

"Thanks for the great job today, it was the best inspection I've seen so far. J. was very pleased and the homeowner was very impressed with the letter you left for them, they have never had that happen before. I hope you're ready to get very busy soon."

T.T., Real Estate Agent

"Ability, skills, value of report & service...all EXCELLENT! Thoroughness, timeliness and efficiency are the important factors for me and you've done them well."

Steve S, Client (commercial inspection)

"I was very pleased with the quality of your service. You are approachable and easy to work with on the job. Your sense of humour helps keep things moving. "

Real Estate Agent

"I am very pleased with the inspection and will recommend you to others".

Mike S., Client

"You were very thorough and professional. I will certainly recommend you if the occasion arises".

Walt S., Client

"The report is very detailed and helpful. I am very satisfied with your service. I will be sure to recommend your services to anyone buying a house".

Justin K., Client
"Appreciate your follow-up...... Great job, thank you"!
Berneice L., Client

"I'll definitely recommend you to anyone I know who is buying a house".

Matt P., Client

"I would also like to thank you for the prompt and most thorough inspection report. My clients were very pleased with your professionalism/ thoroughness and willingness to communicate information to him, as he is a new home owner. Have a great day".

K.C., Agent

"It's nice to see someone so organized and thorough and willing to go into the attic".

Ian W.
Real Estate Agent

"Today I saw your report and the written part is clear and easily understandable. I thought that it was also very thorough and in the main without being overly "picky". Bottom line: I won't hesitate to hand out your cards. All the best".

G.O., Real Estate Agent